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What is bitcoin?

Bitcoins is a cryptocurrency used for online money mostly, this is like US dollars only defined mostly used money on the net. Bitcoins started 5 years ago and grows more and more in popularity as years pass by.

Bitcoins is a more simple payment method that we will see more in the future. Money today liek visa and cash will loose its place in front of bitcoins. Bitcoins can be produced by ones own PC and one can use bitcoins to pay online for products. It can be used to pay as normal currency valuta.

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Its like a dollar, a bitcoin can be like a dollar, same type only in different name. Bitcoins can be used only digital, meaning there are no paper or coins, in todays society this is easy to deal with. See bitcoins as the start of online money, online cryptocurrencies were bitcoins is defined as "internet money".

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What are bitcoins

Here you will find info on bitcoins, what it is and more.

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Bitcoin history

Know anything about the history of bitcoins?

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Safe with bitcoins?

Some companies can have decreased security, more about this here.

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How to buy bitcoins?

A guide on were and how to buy bitcoins.

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Bitcoin scam?

Read about scam and bitcoins.

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