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Is it safe with bitcoins?

Before in the older days many were less sure of the safety. It was a case last months that someone in bitcoin companies had got hacked, but this was only registered once since 2012. Bitcoins is a fast increasing market and safety is updated now and then, we believe that the safety is good enough though many are saying that one should change password in bitcoin wallet often.

To be more detailed, bitcoins had led to much scam, but this is not by online companies but others who mine and try to make their own bitcoins. Cause of those bitcoins has fallen in value and there are many news writing of those who try to scam.


Online though most companies are good to deal with and you should have no problem using your money at them. is a responsible and safe place to buy bitcoins. You can also trade and sell and use it as wallet if you want to buy something online with bitcoins.

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What are bitcoins

Here you will find info on bitcoins, what it is and more.

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Bitcoin history

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Safe with bitcoins?

Some companies can have decreased security, more about this here.

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How to buy bitcoins?

A guide on were and how to buy bitcoins.

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Bitcoin scam?

Read about scam and bitcoins.

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