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Buy, sell or trade CDF bitcoins with visa or paypal.

On this site you will be guided to places were you can buy or sell bitcoins safe and easy. We also offer articles about cryptocurrency and bitcoisns, were you can read your way to more info. Cryptocurrency is in the start and we think it could be a good investment for the future, if one can see as far as 10 years from now. Even though the currency increased a lot years ago, we dont think it will stop there, bitcoins we believe will have an increased chance of higher value. You can buy bitcoins directly from our site here.

The mystery about who created the bitcoins is still there. A 37 year old man named Satoshi Nakamoto is been said to be the one who made the currency and software. It is not known if this is real name or fiction. The smallest bitcoin unity is named Satoshi. Check our our partners download software or buy online and follow instructions if you want to invest in bitcoins. Read about the future of bitcoins here.

hvordan kjøpe bitcoins


Increase in bitcoin value, June 2019. Click here to read more.

Bitcoins and gambling, click here for more. is a responsible and safe place to buy bitcoins. You can also trade and sell and use it as wallet if you want to buy something online with bitcoins.

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What are bitcoins

Here you will find info on bitcoins, what it is and more.

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Bitcoin history

Know anything about the history of bitcoins?

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Safe with bitcoins?

Some companies can have decreased security, more about this here.

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How to buy bitcoins?

A guide on were and how to buy bitcoins.

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Bitcoin scam?

Read about scam and bitcoins.

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