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How to buy bitcoins?

You can go in at that is a company selling bitcoins were you can buy bitcoins. You can register with Facebook and use visa or other payment options known to deposit money.

Bitcoins can be bought as currency or stock. It is same whatever you use but if you want to use bitcoins to pay you will need to have a bitcoin wallet and buy it as currency. You should change password on the wallet often. If you instead want to invest in bitcoins we recommend buying stocks.


Facbook with VISA will soon have their own cryptocurrency and this will increase the value of cryptocurrencies generally.

NETeller & crypto

AT NETeller you can buy bitcoin. You give your wallet code and it will be recalculated as US dollars. You can send at NETeller money to other members and you can receive and send also to online casinos. They demand a bit fees but is a great bank to have. is a responsible and safe place to buy bitcoins. You can also trade and sell and use it as wallet if you want to buy something online with bitcoins.

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What are bitcoins

Here you will find info on bitcoins, what it is and more.

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Bitcoin history

Know anything about the history of bitcoins?

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Safe with bitcoins?

Some companies can have decreased security, more about this here.

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How to buy bitcoins?

A guide on were and how to buy bitcoins.

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Bitcoin scam?

Read about scam and bitcoins.

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