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Bitcoins history

Bitcoin started year 2009 made by Satoshi Nakamoto. The total value of bitcoin was on the 18th November 2012 valued at 122 252 993 USD . 4 years later the value increased to 6,3 milliards USD. Bitcoin started slowly as other comapnies but 6 years later they became one fo the most famous. If you had deposited $100 and bought bitcoins for that amount you would have had very much money today.

Bitcoin was the first known cryptocurrency ever. After a while other cryptos became known.

Before cryptocurrencies, the newest that was were visa and mastercards.

Bitcoin will be remembered as the currency that increased huge were many invested 100$ and got huge returns. Bitcoin is was and will be the main cryptocurrency, the what people think when they hear of cryptocurrencies.

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What are bitcoins

Here you will find info on bitcoins, what it is and more.

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Bitcoin history

Know anything about the history of bitcoins?

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Safe with bitcoins?

Some companies can have decreased security, more about this here.

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How to buy bitcoins?

A guide on were and how to buy bitcoins.

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Bitcoin scam?

Read about scam and bitcoins.

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